Renowned for its vineyards and “montonico” wine.  Note: Keep in mind that most shops close between 1:30pm and 4:00pm

Distance from Casa Anatra: 15km


Things to see:

  • The “Castello”, with two U-shaped towers (12th century)
  • The Casa Abbaziale, built in the 15th century, restored in the 18th century
  • Santa Maria degli Angeli, of medieval origin but rebuilt in the early 18th century by Neapolitan Francesco de Sio, with a high belltowe and a beautiful statue of the Lady with Child, probably by Gian Francesco Gagliardelli
  • Church of San Pietro e Paolo, in the nearby countryside on the road to Arsita


  • July: Sagra dell’Emigrante, Sagra della gastronomia Bizantina
  • 2 August: Celebration in honor of Madonna degli Angeli; a procession of women in traditional costumes with offerings
  • First Sunday in October: Sagra Uva e Vino montonico, with a procession of allegorical carts and Wine Harvest songs.


  • Colle Paradiso