Distance from Casa Anatra: 50km


Things to see:

  • The Cathedral of St. Giustino, with a fine marble altar, paintings, frescoes, precious wooden furniture and  wonderful belltower
  • Church of St. Francesco, with an original 12th-century rose window and inside paintings by Giovanni Battista Spinelli and Ettore Graziani
  • Church of St. Domenico (17th century)
  • Church of St. Chiara
  • Church of St. Giovanni Battista, with Venetian paintings of the 17th century
  • Chiesa di S. Gaetano, with stucco decorations by Giambattista Gianni
  • Pinacoteca Costantino Barbella, featuring works of Abruzzese artists
  • Museo Archeologico Nazionale, the richest archaeological museum in the region, with, among others, unique works as the Capestrano Warrior, a statue of the 7th century BC, one of the symbols of the region, a wonderful Hercules statue and one of the very few Galba gold coins in the world.
  • Parco Nazionale della Maiella

Note: Keep in mind that most shops close between 1:30pm and 4:00pm


  • 17 January: Feast of St. Anthony, with satyrical repesentations of the Saint’s temptations
  • Good Friday: Procession of Selecchi’s Miserere, played by 100 violins, among the most impressive celebrations of the Holy Week in Abruzzo
  • 8 May: Feast of Patron St. Giustino
  • 26 July: Feast of Patron St. Anna



  • L’Altro Pianeta
  • Templum Café
  • Yopi