Loreto Aprutino

The town was built around a castle and an abbey, established by Benedictine monks around the year 1000.  If you are in Penne, be sure to drive just a bit farther south to explore Loreto Aprutino.

Distance from Casa Anatra: 30km


Things to see:

  • Necropoli at Colle-Fiorano and at Farina-Cardito
  • Church of San Pietro Apostolo (11th century)
  • Museum of Ceramics
  • Castello Chiola, which dominates the skyline of the town, was constructed on the site of a medieval castle (9th century)
  • Just outside the town is the Church of S. Maria in Piano (est.1280), featuring a portal decorated with a series of inscriptions praising the Virgin Mary, the walls and ceilings are made up of 8 frescos (14th-16th century)


  • First Monday after Pentecost: Festa di San Zopito with a parade in which a child dressed all in white and wearing a crown of flowers rides a white ox decorated with colored ribbons on its horns and a red mantle with an image of San Zopito.

Note: Keep in mind that most shops close between 1:30pm and 4:00pm