Distance from Casa Anatra: 45km


Things to see:

  • Cathedral of San Berardo, built in 1158 by Guido II, with a frontal by Nicola da Guardiagrele and 15th century polyptych
  • Remains of the Roman Amphitheater, built around 30 B.C., could accommodate 3,000+ people and where sports and cultural events still take place
  • Church of San Getulio, built in the early Middle Ages on the ruins of a Roman temple, destroyed in 1155 by the Normans; today Presbyterian and Romanesque elements can still be seen of the old architecture.
  • Church of Sant’Antonio (13th century), previously San Francesco, with a fine Romanesque portal
  • Church of Madonna delle Grazie (11th century)
  • Church of San Domenico (14th century) with a fine Virgin with Child, probably by Gagliardelli
  • Archaeological Museum with surrounding park
  • Chiesa di S. Agostino
  • Chiesa di S. Spirito
  • Chiesa di S. Benedetto, with fine paintings from the 16th-18th centuries
  • Casa Melatino
  • Palazzo Delfico
  • Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie with a remarkable sculpture of the Virgin with Child, probably by Silvestro dell’Aquila
Note: Keep in mind that most shops close between 1:30pm and 4:00pm


  • Late June: Feast of Madonna delle Grazie
  • Late July: “I Trionfi”, an historical re-enactment with people in costume and allegorical wagons
  • Late July: Sagra of ham, cheese and “casereccio” bread


  • O’ Sarracino
  • Trattoria Da Mauro
  • La Granseola
  • Albergo Ristorante La Vittoria